Former FASA boss opens new studio

Jordan Weisman forms new team, snaps up rights to Shadowrun, Crimson Skies and MechWarrior
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Following the closure of Microsoft first-party developer FASA last September, former head Jordan Weisman has founded a new studio entitled Smith & Tinker, and has secured the rights to former FASA titles Crimson Skies, Shadowrun and MechWarrior from Microsoft.

"We're not quite ready to announce our plans for each property, but please be assured that our goal is to surprise and delight old fans, while welcoming new fans to these fantastic worlds", the studio stated.

The studio says that it will focus on online play in its upcoming titles, adding: “Smith & Tinker is creating connected entertainment products that move seamlessly back and forth from online to offline and immerse the audience in a community of fellow participants from around the world.”

There is also a subtle hint that it may choose to focus its efforts on Microsoft’s console in its description of entertainment as being “now 360 degrees, 24/7”.



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