Former Microsoft boss lifts the lid on Xbox

Ed Fries reveals the tumultuous 24 months that led to the launch of Microsoft's console
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There were, in fact, two separate Xboxes being built at Microsoft before Bill Gates needed to decide which would get the green light.

And at the same time, in 2001, Micrsoft’s PR department was appealing to its employer to finally kill off the name Xbox – all while Bungie found itself on the brink of closure and looked for a buyer to save it.

These are just some of the stories and revelations that have come to light in a new Develop interview with Ed Fries – the former vice president of game publishing at Microsoft.

Fries, who left the company in 2004 and is now a board member at Mixamo, walks through the key moments of the Xbox’s two tumultuous years before launch.

The full feature can be found here.