Foxconn turns to mobile game development

Manufacturer of iPhone, PS4 will release its first game in six months
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The founder of Foxconn, the manufacturer behind many of the world's most popular electronics, says his company is getting in to games development.

Speaking to reporters atop Foxconn's new Southern Taiwan software and cloud computing R&D center, company chairman Terry Gou said he'd like to see the company enter a variety of new markets ranging from mobile games and software to data centers, cloud computing, and 4G wireless communications.

According to Bloomberg, the company is already assembling a software team focused on HTML5 development and has built a data center for local and international clients.

Gou isn't wasting any time either; Foxconn's first mobile game is due out within six months

On a related note, a deal between the company's Hon Hai unit and Hong Kong online game developer NetDragon will push Foxconn into the education sector, developing tablets, software, and content for Chinese classrooms.

It's unknown if this means an educational games division, or if the new line of products will be geared towards more traditional learning.