Free Develop iPhone App: Get yours here

New iOS download pushes latest Develop-Online headlines and content to your handset
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Own an iPhone? You can now download an app (iTunes link) that puts Develop's daily must-read online news content in the palm of your hand.

The app offers a raft of unique functions, including up-to-the-minute news direct from plus a completely customisable homepage and industry event listings.

Develop Online for iPhone is sponsored by Blitz Games Studios and is completely free to download right now – click here to be taken direct to iTunes to download it straight away.

The app includes a fully-searchable news archive, the ability to save favourite articles for offline reading, Facebook and Twitter sharing functionality, side-swipe gesture to change articles, and YouTube video integration.

It's all part of our goal to make Develop available across as many channels as possible, delivering maximum convenience to readers and extra value to advertisers.

Develop Online for iPhone arrives as the Develop brand goes from strength to strength online and in print.

According to Google Analytics, online readership for hit 126,393 unique users in October. This is a second consecutive month of record traffic.

Magazine readership continues to hit new heights too, now comfortably over 10,000 a month across print and digital edition.

Develop Magazine has benefited from a range of initiatives, such as recent free subscription offers and the increasing popularity of a digital edition available either as a browser-based read or PDF.

Blitz Games Studio CEO Philip Oliver said: “We’re excited to be sponsoring Develop’s new iPhone app and see it as a great way to communicate with an even greater cross-section of our audience.”

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