Free iOS game sells $500 in-game item

Luxurious add-on once cost $200, reports claim
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Glu Mobile is testing a new super-premium microtransaction strategy for its new iOS game Gun Bros, by charging customers a $500 apiece for an in-game item.

Gun Bros, a free-to-play iPad shooter game, allows customers to upgrade items through endeavour or, failing that, credit card transactions.

The game’s most expensive weapon, called The Kraken, is available for about $492.

“The Kraken sells for the modest sum of 3499 war bucks, and assuming you're buying them in the largest 710 war buck pack for $99, that's just under $500 real world dollars for a gun in a video game,” read a Toucharcade report.

“Crazier yet is that The Kraken once only cost 1400 war bucks ($200), the price was raised”.

While prices of iOS games have stabilised (most apps are below £0.99 or free entirely), the cost of in-game items varies wildly.

Industry consensus is that less than 4 per cent of free-to-play customers on iOS will purchase in-game items.