Free-to-play game 'can make $100m'

Moshi Monsters predicts merchandise sales surge
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Mind Candy, the maker behind popular online game Moshi Monsters, has forecast over $100 million in retail sales of products based on the brand in 2011.

Moshi Monsters has attracted over 30 million players globally. The free-to-play game, aimed at children, allows players to adopt a pet monster and explore virtual worlds.

Mind Candy’s CEO Michael Acton Smith, said: “ is the heartbeat of the brand but we’re looking forward to developing many new physical products that connect back to the virtual world and enhance the experience for our players.

“Toys, trading cards and books should help make the virtual world even more fun for millions of children around the world.”

The company announced new partnership deals with Spin Master, Hunter, Scholastic and Topps.

Mindy Candy currently has deals with Penguin Books and Vivid Imaginations.

Sony Online Entertainment’s Free Realms is another online game which has extended its brand to trading cards and other merchandise.