Free-to-play games 'won't work' on VR in first 18 months

Titles will not be snackable, but bigger, more elaborate experiences
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Free-to-play games won't work during the early days of consumer virtual reality, says the CEO of nDreams.

Speaking at Develop: Brighton this week, Patrick O'Luanaigh said the initial installed base for VR hardware would be too small for the business model to work effectively.

He added this would of course grow over time, and it doesn't mean a paymium model won't work early on.

Long-term, O'Luanaigh said there's no reason free-to-play games won't work on VR. He believes they'll be different to many of the traditional types of snackable mobile titles that currently use the model, and will be bigger, more elaborate games.

"Snackable Startbucks queue games don't make sense," he said.