Frogames readies CS: Warriors and Commoners

Indie-aimed content pack features thousands of characters
Publish date:

French company Frogames has released CS: Warriors and Commoners, a set of character models, textures and animations to give hobbyist and indepedent developers a head start on their projects.

Split into component types, such as body types, heads, feet, hands, hair and props, the pack contains over 2,000 pieces which can be assembled together into thousands of unique characters, ideal for populating worlds with distinct non-player characters. Over 75 animations are also provided for the characters, covering most required actions and emotes.

The items in the pack come prepared for use in GarageGames’ Torque Game Engine, and the models also come in 3ds Max 7 format for exporting to other formats. All textures are also provided in layered Photoshop format, enabling easy customisation.

Prices for the pack depend on use: users who use the content for a game that earns under $100,000 can obtain a licence for $150, while those who wish to use the pack on more commercial titles can buy an unlimited use licence for $1,000. Special deals are also available for educational institutes.

For more information and a full listing of the content, check out the official website.


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