Frontier making key first party Kinect game

David Braben's studio at work on Kinectimals
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Frontier is developing Kinectimals; a key first-party published release for the Xbox 360's much hyped Kinect motion control system.

The excessively cute children's game somewhat apes the pet-raiseing template most successfully implemented by Nintendo's Nintendogs, and lets users form lasting relationships with virtual wildlife, or flounce around on the floor impersonating a tiger cub, depending on your perspective on Kinect and its physical interaction model.

Still, visually Frontier's creation looks impressive, and being developed as it is by Braben's studio, the quality bar will no doubt be suitably high.

Today on his Twitter feed, Braben revealed his delight at the fact that Kinectimals has received an unnamed 'best of E3 nomination.