Frontier picks Wwise

Audiokinetic's sound solution to be used 'across the board' on future titles
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Cambridge-based developer Frontier Developments has signed a deal to use Audiokinetic's Wwise audio engine.

The studio chose the tech after looking at several solutions, and will use it to augment its internal engine on all projects going forward.

“From now on, we plan to use Wwise across the board,” said David Braben, Frontier's founder and chairman.

“We make full use of audio to convey story, context and emotion in a compelling way - it’s a vital part of creating successful games. Wwise is a comprehensive, sophisticated set of tools that integrates well with our existing tool chain and keeps control in the hands of our audio designers, maximising their creative input and efficiency.”

André Nadeau, president and CEO of Audiokinetic, added: “There’s a tangible buzz about Wwise in Europe presently, especially in the UK. Seeing leading European developers like Frontier adopt our technology is very exciting, and gives us a real edge.”