Frontier reaches new growth milestone

Cambridge independent now employs over 200 staff
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Cambridge-based independent developer Frontier has announced that it has crossed a major growth milestone.

The studio, which is currently working on The Outsider and a LostWinds sequel (and, as they always like to tease, the ever-mythical Elite 4), now employs over 200 people - and isn't stopping there.

“Although we already have 200 talented development professionals here, we are still hiring for all aspects of games and technology development.” said David Braben, Frontier's chairman and founder.

“We are working on some tremendously exciting projects in several genres, and we are continuing to build an exceptional, meritocratic organisation that allows talented people to contribute their best work and progress in an open, stimulating and professional atmosphere. We have always planned for the long term and remain as passionate as ever about the creative, technical and commercial potential of the medium.”




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