Full Havok engine suite comes to Wii U

Free binary downloads of middleware outfit's Physics and Animation tools now available to developers
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The full Havok Vision Engine tool suite is now available for Wii U developers.

Studios and developers can now purchase a source license for the middleware firm's tools such as Havok Physics, Animation, Behavior, Destruction, AI, Cloth and Script.

The move comes after Havok signed a deal with Nintendo last year that made available free binary downloads of Havok’s Physics and Animation technologies to Wii U developers the world over.

“We have shared a long-term partnership with Nintendo and are pleased to offer licensing of our entire product suite for Wii U developers worldwide,” said Havok VP of sales and marketing Brian Waddle.

“With several great Havok-powered launch titles recently released, we are pleased to see Wii U developers pushing the hardware with Havok’s tech. We look forward to seeing Havok Vision Engine power some great high-fidelity games on the new platform.”

Wii U games to harness Havok’s suite of tools include Assassin’s Creed III, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Darksiders II and Skylanders Giants.