Further Sony Online Entertainment layoffs

Another 35 workers leave the SCEA-subsidiary
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Californian developer Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has made 35 workers redundant, the group has confirmed.

The news come one year after the firm laid off 41 staff, in a move to improve the group’s “operational efficiency and reduce costs”.

SOE has told news site Joystiq that the new layoffs represent “just over 4 per cent” of its full-time workforce.

The group is responsible for popular MMOs such as Free Realms and Everquest.

SOE communications boss Scott Gulbransen said the cuts were again a necessity to "better align the company's resources and improve operational efficiency.”

Last year, following a string staff departures, SOE opened up usability testing services to external studios.

But in the same year three key developers left Sony Online Entertainment's Seattle studio to form a new company, Detonator Games.

2009 also saw senior developer Scott Hartsman break away from the company to join Trion.