Gaikai targeting 100m users by 2012

CEO claims to have already reached a tenth of the target
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Cloud gaming provider Gaikai wants as many 100 million users "by the end of next year".

Speaking in an interview with, Gaikai CEO David Perry said the service has passed around 10 million customers.

“We need to get above the reach of any single game entity in the industry as quickly as we can,” said Perry.

“If you were to put a game on a single website that's not going to have anything like the reach that we'll be able to have.”

He added that using affiliate websites such as retail and entertainment destinations, the cloud gaming outfit could quickly get more customers playing games.

“The ability to pull a lever and have a million people play your game is something that's crazy to even think about today. That's a very difficult problem, yet with cloud gaming that will be really quite straightforward.

“A normal way of thinking will be, ‘I want another million and another million.’”

He said the number one way to get people to buy a product is by trying them, yet it is “amazing that game trials are being made so difficult”.