Game Closure swipes Zynga Mobile CTO

Start-up picks up Laurent Desegur as VP of mobile engineering
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Game Closure has picked up Laurent Desegur, formerly mobile CTO at social games company Zynga.

Tech Crunch reports that Desegur will be joining the silicon valley startup as VP of mobile engineering.

With experience at companies such as Big Fish Games, Apple, Netflix, and EA, the executive is quite a steal for the young bloods at Game Closure, which entered the public eye at Stanford's student-run startup accelerator.

The students produced an HTML5 crossiplatform multiplayer development tool that runs in a browser window, and have since turned heads by turning down offers from the likes of Zynga and Facebook before raising $12 million in angel funding.

"I vote with my feet," said Desegur of his decision to join the company.

"After first-hand experience with the Game Closure SDK and the people behind it, I knew that I had be involved in the growth and refinement of the team and technology. Game Closure is building technology that radically enhances the quality, development speed, and availability of games on mobile. I believe these tools are essential to build beautiful, frictionless social games which can compete in today’s market."

Game Closure is getting a vote of confidence from developers as well, and claims to have recieved over 5,000 applications from various studios since launching its beta.