Game consultant Eightbyte opens service

Founded by Industry veteran Gerry Tucker, the group promises a range of financial services for UK businesses
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Start-up game consultancy firm Eightbyte has unveiled the range of professional services on offer for its clients.

Founded by industry veteran Gerry Tucker, the firm aims to offer consultancy in the areas of finances and commercial matters.

Its key services include cash flow management, business performance maintenance, purchasing and sales advice, funds and banking facilities, as well as back-office finance functions such as payroll and book-keeping.

The group is looking to work within the UK, for now, though states that its broader international experience means that it has the ability to branch outwards.

Tucker himself has strong experience in the games sector, having held senior positions in both publishing and development. He has worked for the likes of Take Two, Virgin Interactive, Activision, Acclaim Kuju Entertainment.

"I believe that the industry, survives and evolves by bring new creative ideas to market,” he said, “and independents are best positioned to generate that innovation ... if they survive and thrive. Eightbyte will work with companies who want to survive, and who want to be profitable.”

Ian Baverstock, CEO of Kuju Entertainment, praised Tucker for his “insight into all aspects of the publisher/developer relationship”, adding that Tucker was a key member of the Kuju team that had successfully grown from its 2007 acquisition by Catalis.

Initially aimed at working with UK companies, broader international experience in the sector puts Eightbyte in a position to roll out their service in other territories.