Game design author starring at GameHorizon

Jesse Schell to discuss how games and reality will fuse
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A widely respected game designer is set to speak at this year’s GameHorizon conference in June.

Jesse Schell will star in a lecture entitled ‘Roadmap to the Gamepocalypse’ , where he will explore how games and reality are likely to mix in the near future, and what that means for designers.

Having gained prominence through his book The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses, Schell is known for his illuminating speeches on the industry. He also teaches classes on game design at Carnegie Mellon University.

Schell currently stands as creative director at Schell Games, a studio fixated on online games, interactive theme park attractions, console and handheld games, and virtual worlds.

GameHorizon takes place in Gateshead from June 29-30.