Game Kickstarter funding 'passes $20m mark'

Average fund pool for successful game projects put at $27k
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About 850 games development projects have generated more than $20 million in crowdsourced funding on Kickstarter, according to new data.

The significant financing milestone has been met some three years since Kickstarter launched.

Game projects are a relatively unpopular Kickstarter solution compared to other creative means.

Since 2009, some 850 game funding initiatives have hit their targets, compared to about 7,500 music projects and 7,000 film and video projects.

Data provided by The New York Times claims that the average financing for successful game projects was $27,000.

That average will have been pulled upwards by the extraordinary success of Double Fine’s Kickstarter debut, which raised $3.3 million and became the second-biggest-funded project on the crowdfunding website.