GameAnalytics launches new publishing label

Analytics firm’s new venture aims to help indies soft launch games in key territories
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runway gameanalytics.png

GameAnalytics has branched into publishing with the creation of a new label, Runway.

Built with indie and smaller studios in mind, the new division will help devs release games in international markets such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, before using the data accrued from these soft launches to improve the final title ahead of worldwide release.

The hope is that this will level the playing field between indies and mobile giants such as King and Supercell, who already use soft launches to finalise their next big hit. Using GameAnalytics’ knowledge of game data and trends will also help ensure launches are as effective as possible.

“The big hits on the App Store and Google Play don’t happen by accident,” said CEO Luke Aviet. “Mobile’s major players use soft launches to hone and even cull their games ahead of any global release. They sharpen and refine the titles using the data they pool from these test runs to increase their chances of success when the app is scaled across the rest of the world.

“It’s a major weapon in their arsenal, and we think our firm grip on analytics means we’re the perfect partner for indies who want the same advantages as the industry’s bigger boys.”

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