GameBench compares iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6 performance

Free report available breaking down gaming performance of latest handsets
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Quality assurance specialist GameBench has released a free study into how well the most recent smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6, handle various mobile games.

Using the firm’s own tool to measure performance, GameBench was able to monitor framerate and stability when running high-end titles on not only the two leading handsets, but also the HTC One M9 and Motorola Nexus 6.

There were ten games used for the test, including GTA: San Andreas, Monument Valley and Marvel: Contest of Champions.

The study found that iPhone 6 run most games smoothly, with a higher average framerate that rarely dropped below 30fps. The Galaxy S6 was a close second, but played some games at a higher resolution that the Apple rival.

GameBench says that, rather than just comparing stats, such studies can be used to help developers identify the causes of performance problems on various devices.

The full report is available to download for free at GameBench’s website.



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