GameHorizon Conference to showcase APB

Realtime Worlds to demonstrate the power of player customisation at exec event
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Attendees at this year’s GameHorizon Conference in Newcastle upon Tyne will get to see a glimpse of Realtime Worlds’ latest title, APB.

Mario Rizzo, business development manager at the studio, will show attendees how the large scope for player customisation in the game will allow players to express themselves within the world.

“APB is the first title to bring next generation action and graphics into the MMO space,” said Rizzo.

“One of the key goals in developing the title was to bring the fidelity and feature set that is seen in next generation console games and deliver that experience to hopefully millions of players in a persistent online world.”

The conference takes place from June 18th to 19th in Newcastle, Gateshead. Passes are £395, but a £100 discount can be obtained by registering before April 25th. For more information, check out the event’s website.


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