Gamepump to cease subscription service, focus on re-releasing older titles

"too many complications" in making a subscription based service
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Hybrid publisher and subscription service Gamepump, originally hoping to pair publishing with bringing classic games to the PC, is dropping its subscription model and doubling down on publishing instead.

Founder Robert Bowling announced the change directly via a post on the GamePump website announced that various complications meant that "[they] were not living up to the standard" that Bowling had for the service. Indeed, while they had several good games that they could republish on Steam, but that a 12 month subscription service for access to these releases no longer made the best sense as a business.

Subscribers to the service will be refunded, although those who subscribed prior to the service being discontinued are still going to get the first two games, which are unnamed, but will be on Steam within the next two weeks, as a thank you for the early support.

The company are still looking to re-release classic titles, however they'll be doing it now with standard re-releases on marketplaces like Humble, Steam, GOG and others.