GamersFirstâ??s APB division chooses Mixamo

Reloaded Productions gains access to online animation catalogue
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The new publisher of All Points Bulletin has stuck a long-term with the online animations vendor Mixamo.

GamersFirst’s new development arm, Reloaded Productions, will have access to Mixamo’s catalogue of downloadable animations for its next string of projects.

The first of those projects is APB Reloaded, GamersFirst’s revival of the MMO that took down Dundee studio Realtime Worlds following “lacklustre sales”.

Reloaded Productions now has access to Mixamo’s hundreds of customisable “canned” 3D animations.

“With Reloaded Productions and upcoming projects underway, it is important for us to leverage a leading-edge 3D animation technology that allows our team to do more with what we have,” said GamersFirst PR manager Rahul Sandil.

GamersFirst will launch APB Reloaded in the first half of next year. The title will be free-to-play with a microtransaction economy in place.