Games development grows in Australia

Appealing lifestyle lures US and European talent, says Vile Studios
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Australia’s development industry is on track to rival current European, Japanese and American market leaders, according to developer Vile Studios.

Currently working on sci-fi online game Project V.I.L.E., Ashley Hodgetts, creative director at Vile Studios told MCV:

“The Australian games industry is still pretty much in its early years in terms of development. The universities and colleges have been gearing towards training students the right way and there is an abundant supply of talented people.

"There is no doubt that Australia is a great place to live and work and we have seen the start of game developers moving to Australia because of this.

Once overseas markets can overcome the stigmatism, I feel there’s going to be nothing stopping the Australian studios from being up there with America and Europe’s finest.”

The firm is currently preparing a major marketing drive for its forthcoming title, which will culminate in a much larger promotional drive once it nears completion.

“We are looking at a major push once the game reaches the final stages of development,” added Hodgetts. “The final spend will also depend on whether or not we self-publish or take either a games or outsourced publisher onboard.”



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