â??Games should be part of a larger narrativeâ??

Expanding game worlds can keep players engaged, says FluffyLogicâ??s Kronschnabl
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In today’s feature, FluffyLogic’s Ana Kronschnabl considers how developers need to readdress the way they conceive new projects to harness the benefits of both convergent technology and the increasing number of platforms.

To improve the economic and cultural potential of a new game, suggests Kronschnabl, it is increasingly essential to build a universe that extends beyond the narrative boundaries of the release itself.

Citing the concept of diegeses, which comes from Greek theatre, the FluffyLogic CEO explains what narratives designed to outlive their source have to offer.

“I suggest that we should start to see the creation of a game not in purely game terms, but that we should see it from the start as part of a larger, coherent diegetic media product; as a narrative and interactive space that will engage its users over a period of time.” said Kronschnabl.

“Whilst the game aspect of the concept may be the crucial aspect of the project initially, we should also consider how other media can best assist us in telling our stories.”

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