GameSalad arrives on Windows

Game creation tool for designers expands to new platform
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A game creation tool for the code illiterate made its Windows debut today.

GameSalad, which allows for multiplatform games design without the need for code, has been available for Mac users for iOS development since its 2009 launch.

Since then it has been expanded to include Android and HTML5 platform development, and has powered the creation of over 60,000 games.

“Since we launched at SXSW in 2009, GameSalad has witnessed incredible growth,” said GameSalad CEO Steve Felter.

“Initially, we introduced GameSalad Creator to Mac users, empowering them to easily create and publish iPhone and iPad games without the need to code. We’ve since added publishing to Android and HTML5 platforms, making cross-platform development as simple as clicking a button. Today, we answer the requests of thousands of game developers who’ve asked us to bring this remarkable platform to Windows users.”

The SanFrancisco based tech company recently partnered with Tencent to bring the tool to China.

The Windows version is currently in Beta, and interested developers can register to take part at the GameSalad website.


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