GamesIndustryMap 2.0 launches

Dave Perry-founded site leaves beta phase
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Twelve months on from its first public beta, Dave Perry's has finally launched.

The site contains details of game development studios and publishers, colleges, retailers, outsourcers, journalists and services related to the games industry, and users are welcomed to add more to the site to build a comprehensive map of the global games industry.

When the service originally launched last year it contained 1,500 points of data, but since then has grown to over 17,500 locations representing 9,741 organisations across 63 countries.

"We've worked hard on making this an incredible resource for anyone with a question about the industry - for example, an investor looking for companies to fund, a job hunter looking for companies in their area, a journalist on press tour, even at a country/state level looking how to improve their status in the fast growing video game industry," said Perry.

"We've got over 35,000 data points of reference already listed, and I'm extending a personal invitation to everyone out there to come and get yourself, your studio, your service on the map!"



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