Gamevil breaks 300m downloads

Mobile publisher and developer is getting five downloads a second
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South Korean mobile game publisher Gamevil claims it's reached the 300 million download mark.

The company revealed it passed 200 million downloads in December, and now attributes this seven-month growth spurt to third-party publishing and its Gamevil Circle platform.

Gamevil Circle is integrated into all Gamevil apps, and allows the publisher to advertise through cross-promotion.

As the publisher's lineup of released titles grows and develops more hits, the platform has become increasingly effective.

Gamevil plans to expand these cross-promotion efforts as it gets more popular games to its names, but Cartoon Wars, Baseball Superstars, ZENONIA, Punch Hero, and Fishing Superstars all already have 10 million downloads apiece, and Dark Avengers isn't far from the mark after only two months on the market.