GarageGames and Dream Games open Torque School

Online courses based on Torque Technology set to launch this September
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Indie-targeted technology developers GarageGames and Dream Games have announced a partnership to open an online learning space dedicated to GarageGames’ Torque engine technology., set to open for its first students this September, will provide online classes for GarageGames’ various engines, including its flagship Torque Game Engine and the XNA-based Torque X engine.

Courses will focus on various disciplines, such as team management, art and level design, scripting and programming, at both beginner and advanced levels.

“With the explosion in indie technology and the introduction of new platforms to launch Torque tech on, like Mac, Linux, Windows, Xbox 360 and the very fresh Wii, it's clear that Torque products are here for the long term,” commented Dream Games’ Dave Young on his blog at

“TorqueSchool offers a large number of hand crafted, high quality online courses designed to bring your level of expertise up to where you need it.”