Gazillion Entertainment reportedly lays off all staff before Thanksgiving

The developer recently had a deal terminated with Disney for the Marvel Heroes MMO franchise and staff have taken to Twitter to speak about the mass layoffs
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Six days ago, the news broke that Disney had severed its ties with Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment, terminating their ten-year deal early. Overnight, however, it appears that the developer has made a large number of layoffs, which according to Twitter reports could be the entire staff.

On Wednesday evening, the day before Thanksgiving in the US, staff started posting on Twitter with news of zero severance packages and loos of other earnings and insurances due to the mass termination of employment from the California-based developer.

Brian Waggoner has also posted many tweets detailing what would have been coming next for the Marvel Heroes games and retweeted several stories and helpful tweets from other developers looking to take on staff, including Blizzard and Bethesda.

Develop has reached out to Gazillion Entertainment for a statement regarding the layoffs.