GDC: Avatar Reality signs up for CryEngine2

Crytek's CryEngine2 has been getting its first public showing at GDC - and now it has its first official licensee, too.
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Avatar Reality will be using the engine to create their newly announced massively multiplayer virtual world. The project allows players to live out a virtual life on a terraformed Mars.

CryEngine2's features include a next-gen real-time renderer, a multi-threaded physics engine, character animation system, integrated WYSIWYP sandbox editor, sound editor with interactive dynamic sound system, AI system, resource compiler and a network client and server system.

Avatar Reality president Kazuyuki Hashimoto said the engine "is able to render the most beautiful images, in real-time, that I’ve ever seen in my 20 years in the computer graphics industry.

”We are certain that the quality of these stunning, realistic images stemmed from the technology and not just talented artists. After viewing the images, there is no question that CryEngine 2 is the perfect engine for us to use to build our massively multiplayer virtual world.”


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