GDC: Codemasters signs up Havok Behaviour

Havok's new Behavior tool has debuted at GDC today, and the tech already has a licensee: Codemasters.
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Behavior is a new element in Havok 4.5, the modular suite of artist tools and run-time tech that includes Havok Physics and Havok Animation and aims to offer complete control of character actions to developers via its hierarchical finite-state machines and procedural modifiers. Animation assets direct from Maya, Max and Softimage XSI can be aggregated straight into it.

Codemasters plans to use Behavior in a number of upcoming next-gen titles.

"For the next generation of games platforms we really wanted to push the boundaries in terms of realism and characterisation, but we needed to do it without compromising our timescales," explained Codemasters Studios vice president, Gavin Cheshire explained.

"Havok Behavior allows us to create a huge range of behaviors for our next generation characters and do it in a way that makes the most of both our creative and programming resources."


Havok looking to acquire

The CEO of Havok has said the company is considering adding other complementary tech firms to its stable as the physics and animation firm looks to grow.