GDC: Eidos software adds pro audio to PSP

A new piece of software developed by Definitive Software and published by Eidos will position Sony's PSP as a piece of professional music equipment.
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Called Traxxpad, the software attempts to offer virtual sequencers, drum machines and keyboards that can be both used by professionals and consumers. A mixing and sampling element means users can record samples straight to the handheld and remix them on the go, and export their creations as MP3s or WAVs.

"It's one thing to make a powerful music device, but it is truly impressive to make an application that allows someone unfamiliar with music to make something that sounds professional," said Eidos' marketing manager Kevin Gill.

"That is where Traxxpad excels. This is a piece of software that appeals equally to both aspiring musicians as well as professional music producers."

Exec VP of sales and marketing at Eidos Robert Lindsey described the software as "It produces professional music, and makes it easy to do, providing an end result that is more fun and satisfying than completing a pre-defined task in a game."


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