GDC: Epic unveils Infinity Blade: Dungeons

New title in popular iOS series debuts at Apple's iPad 3 press conference
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Epic has used the iPad 3 Apple press conference to unveil a new game in the Infinity Blade series.

Infintiy Blade: Dungeons is set several thousand years before the original Infinity Blade game, which grossed $10 million in its first six months on sale.

“Just like Apple has raised the bar for mobile computing, the Infinity Blade franchise has continually re-defined expectations for mobile gaming,” said Epic Games president Dr Michael Capps. “With Infinity Blade: Dungeons we continue the tradition of melding exciting gameplay with beautiful, rich worlds powered by Unreal Engine technology; and Apple’s new iPad allows us to push the boundaries even further.”

The third game in the series, Infinity Blade: Dungeons, is being pitched as a showcase of the potential of the latest Epic tech to support iOS, and introduces a number of new gameplay features such as weapon casting and a 'dynamic camera system'.

Each Infinity Blade game has been debuted at a major Apple press event.


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