GDC: Havok at centre of new PS Move shooter

Cohort Studios lifts lid on latest title The Shoot
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Dundee-based indie outfit Cohort Studios has gone to GDC to unveil The Shoot – one of the very first PlayStation Move games.

The Shoot is an on-rails shooter that applies Sony’s new motion controller for light-gun-esque shooting, as well as using the device’s tilt-sensors to allow players to lean left and right.

Develop can reveal that the title also uses Havok Destruction for in-game effects.

Havok Destruction, as implied by the title, is used by numerous developers to craft simulations of rigid body destruction.

The software can be used to punch holes in walls, buckle scaffolding, shatter windows, and so on.

Cohort has built a long-lasting relationship with Sony, having worked on various Buzz! titles since 2008.


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