GDC: MTV/Harmonix signs up with EA Partners

MTV-owned Harmonix has signed up with EA Partners, who will distribute its next title.
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Harmonix was bough by MTV last year for a cool $175m after the success of Guitar Hero - the publisher of that game and its IP was acquired by Activision for around $91million.

While development of new Guitar Hero games continues at Activision-owned Neversoft, little has been known about Harmonix' plans. But in signing with EA, the team's next step has come a little more into focus.

A report on Gamespot says studio co-founder Alex Rigopoulos and vice president of EA Partners David DeMartini announced at a press event that Activision's archrival EA will distribute the forthcoming MTV-branded game.

As for further word on the EA-published, MTV-branded game, Rigopoulos didn't go into much detail, but stated: “The project we're working on is by far, by far our most ambitious undertaking ever.”

EA Partners has been busy of laste - a few weeks back it signed up with another super-rich studio, taking on Pandemic's Mercenaries 2.

Plus, in the past week it has been very aggressive in the music space, revealing key competitions featuring well-known artists and brands such as Lily Allen and The Sims and also putting its music catalogue on iTumes. The company also recently acquired San Francisco karaoke tech firm SingShot.


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