GDC: New brand launched to promote French games industry

Le Game to 'highlight the creativity and diversity' of country's development community
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A new government-backed brand to promote the French games industry has been launched.

Le Game has been formed to facilitate awareness and trade opportunities for French game developers and publishers on a global scale.

It will also look to foster a common global communication plan to “highlight the creativity and diversity” of France’s development community as it looks strengthen its industry beyond company’s such as Ubisoft and Quantic Dream.

The initiative will be present at a series of events and festivals around the world to promote the French games industry.

It will make its first appearance today business networking event Game Connection America.

Le Game has been funded by France’s industry trade body the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo and is also being backed by the French government.

"Today’s videogame industry competes on a global scale, and Le Game will allow France to structure its message of uncompromising creativity, quality and talent," said SNJV chairman Nicolas Gaume.

“All around the nation, this represents a major step forward for our industry.”


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