GDC: New version and Creat support for Hansoft

Hansoft has rolled out v4.3 of its project management and collaboration tools - and the new version has already been licensed by Creat Studios.
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The 4.3 release of Hansoft features complete Unicode support and also includes a new dynamic reporting tool. New licensee Creat joins a family of studios to use Hansoft that includes companies in Australia, Europe and North America.

“We have had a fantastic start of the year with many new clients," said MD Patric Palm. Of the new partner, he added: "Having a solid approach to project management is becoming increasingly important in the global marketplace for games development and Creat is definitely leading the way in this regard."

Vlad Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat, added: “We are committed to continually improving our project planning procedures to streamline our development process and provide our clients with accurate, real-time information about projects in development. Working with Hansoft takes us one step closer to that goal and offers our development teams an effective way to move forward from our previous project planning solution and thereby optimize our production pipeline for maximum efficiency.