GDC: Nintendo licenses Autodesk tech for Wii U devs

Scaleform, Kynapse and HumanIK to be available for next-gen games
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Nintendo has agreed a deal with Autodesk to license the middleware firm’s tech to developers working on Wii U titles, it has been revealed.

Licensed Wii U studios can now gain access to Gameware products such as interface development software Scaleform, AI tool Kynapse and character animation tech HumanIK.

Nintendo’s next-gen home console is anticipated to launch later this year.

"Autodesk Gameware technology is used by the industry's elite development teams and has been adopted across the industry,” said Autodesk SVP Marc Petit.

“Through our relationships with key companies like Nintendo, we can put our solutions into the hands of more game developers. Adopting Autodesk Gameware helps streamline the production process, freeing more resources for innovation in new areas.

“This shift in development focus will help make the next-generation of titles more compelling than the last."