GDC: Now Kore names NetDevil as latest partner

MMO firm latest to chose virtual machine tool for new productions
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Kore may be relatively new as a games middleware firm, but it has already scored another licensing deal.

The comapny tells Develop that US MMO studio NetDevil has signed a studio-wide licence to use Kore's virtual machine tool, designed to aid designers, in multiple projects.

NetDevil is currently hard at work on LEGO Universe and Jumpgate Evolution. The studio is owned by Gazillion Entertainment, which has the licence to make a number of virtual world and online games based on Marvel's comic book characters.

The firm joins the likes of Bungie, Lionhead, Gas Powered Games and The Creative Assembly as licensee of Kore's tech.

"Kore is addressing a serious pain point in modern game development enabling faster, designer driven iteration," said Scott Brown, president of NetDevil.

"After seeing Kore first hand in our pipeline, we've decided to leverage it across multiple projects. Kore's management team has delivered for NetDevil in the past and it's great to be working closely with them again."



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