GDC: Perry unveils Game Industry Map

Just a week after announcing his community-driven MMO, former Shiny boss Dave Perry has taken the wraps off another community-oriented project, this time asking games professionals to collaborate on a map of their industry.
Publish date: is a free, wiki-style map of the games industry. Powered by Google Maps, Perry is inviting the everyone in the games industry to submit markers to place on the map and build the most comprehensive guide to games companies.

The map will include studios, colleges, outsourcing companies and freelancers, publishers, even the press and Perry, who is funding the endeavour himself, calls it "a gift to the industry". Already, a hired team has put the first 1,000 or so pins on the map, but Perry now expects the industry itself to fill in the blanks.

He commented: "This site picks up on two fast-growing trends – community and user generated content – the videogame industry is still relatively young and we already have a great community spirit which we hope to nurture for the benefit of industry as a whole. Plus we get to show the rest of the world just how widespread we are, employing creative talent all over the planet."

"The result is that it immediately becomes the most accurate information available in the world, it will grow daily, and it’s shared to all. We expect to see everyone using it, job hunters, press, gamers, college students, investors, even agencies that would like to see just how prolific this industry is."

He added: "As the Internet has proved, businesses grow when you connect people, and my goal is to simply help drive that growth. I’m not looking for any donations, not looking for any sponsorship, I am looking for teams (especially new ones) to just put themselves on the map."


GDC will serve 'the industry's new ecosystem'

As the GDC 07 opens registration - revealing support from a host of dev companies - executive director Jamil Moledina has said the March event will cater to everyone in the industry while also focusing on development's "core values".

Games That Matter unveiled

The wraps have been thrown off Austrian studio Games That Matter at a press conference in Vienna today, to reveal that the company put together by the founders of Rockstar Vienna will aggresively pursue a 'Hollywood model' approach to games development.