GDC: Philips to bring virtual world to Life

A partnership between Philips and Rivers Run Red will enable virtual world Second Life to take advantage of its amBX ambient experience hardware.
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The amBX kit includes lights, rumble and fans all designed to add an extra dimension to on-screen action.

Philips has also been experimenting with Rivers Run Red itself to market the amBX products via virtual demonstrations in the world itself.

Most importantly now, however, Philips will be creating solutions for open source Second Life client software that will allow users, via an SDK, to create amBX experiences and scripts themselves.

"Second Life offers an entirely new market for amBX and we feel this is the start of a very special relationship," said Jo Cooke, chief marketing officer, Philips amBX.

“Second Life offers amBX an unparalleled opportunity to bring our revolutionary ambient intelligence technology to an expanding global market of many millions of tech and media savvy users who are not only hungry, but also open-minded for new online experiences."



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