GDC: Q heading to XBLA again

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment is to make another Live Arcade title that updates a PSP game for the service - this time its Every Extend Extra that gets the XBLA treatment.
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Launching on Xbox Live Arcade as Every Extend Extra Extreme, the game is a reworking of PSP game Every Extent Extra - itself a remake of Japanese homebrew game Every Extend by Omega.

The new version boasts 5.1 audio, high-def visuals and a new customised music mode, plus the requisite online and leaderboard functions that are compulsory for Xbox Live Arcade.


Team 17 games set for both XBLA and PNP

West Yorkshire-based Team 17 has confirmed that the latest episode in its well-known Worms franchise is headed for Xbox Live Arcade - just days before its PlayStation Network Platform game Lemmings 2 rolls out for the PS3 launch.