GDC: Sony furthers AR commitment with Vita hockey game

After the Magnet AR tech demo, now there's a concept game boasting card free augmented reality gaming
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On the show floor at GDC last week Sony was showing off a tech demo in the form of an air hockey Vita augmented reality game that worked without any need for the physical 'Waar' AR cards.

As reported by Joystiq, 'AR Hockey' takes the approximate form of game design icon Pong.

The game clearly users Sony's 'Markerless AR' technology, although whether that means it makes use of a combination of gyroscopes and accelerometers, or something similar to the 'Magnet' approach is unclear.

Magnet, which wowed an audience at GDC, demonstrated an impressive new Sony London-created tech that gives Vita AR games similar inputs to those that Kinect's 3D depth sensing cameras utilise.

In combination AR Hockey and Magnet demonstrate that Sony has an ongoing commitment establish Vita as a platform for AR games. How much developers and consumers are willing to embrace AR remains to be seen.


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