GDC: TechExcel reveals new tool bundle

Three in one deal combines DevTrack, DevPlan and KnowledgeWise
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TechExcel has released Agile Studio, an Agile Development platform capable of mixing several Agile and traditional development methods into a single system.

The platform will feature three of TechExcel’s award-winning development tools; DevTrack, DevPlan and KnowledgeWise.

The group says Agile Studio will allow for a highly customisable development set-up providing support for all major Agile methods, as well as traditional elements including project management and defect tracking.

Agile Studio also allows for extensions of more formalised programmes, such as timesheet automation, to integrate within existing Agile frameworks. The firm says this will give clients the option to mix preferred processes and create unique development solutions.

“Our tools have always supported Agile Development, but the new Agile Studio is a significant evolution of our product line that addresses this growing trend of mixed methodologies, creating a truly scalable Agile development platform,” said Tieren Zhou, TechExcel’s CEO and chief software architect.

Agile Studio is part of TechExcel’s DevSuite 8.1 release, all of the components of which are capable of integration with Agile Studio for platform expansion when needed.



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