GDC: Yves Guillemot's Child of Eden brainwave

Did the Ubisoft CEO conceive the idea of Kinect as a Child of Eden controller? Tommy Francois believes so
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According to Ubisoft's director of IP Tommy Francois, it was none other than Yves Guillemot himself that suggested Kinect as Child of Eden's control method.

Francois made the claim at a Ubisoft-hosted roundtable today at GDC 2012, which gathered developers from across Ubisoft to talk with the press.

"Yves is a unique CEO. He is obsessive with ideas, and he likes to get involved with games," said Francois. "Using Kinect in Child of Eden, for example, was his idea. He had seen this cool new technology and had the idea."

Apparently, a small team at Ubisoft created a simple prototype to show to Child of Eden developer Q Entertainment. Clearly, the concept was enough to convince Q Entertainment's president, CEO and creative visionary Tetsuya Mizuguchi, as Kinect was established as Child of Eden's primary input.


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