GDC11: Eden Games' Luxology deal revealed

Modo software used on Test Drive Unlimited 2
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Modo software used on Test Drive Unlimited 2
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French studio Eden Games has revealed its use of software firm Luxology’s 3D art package Modo in recent racing title Test Drive Unlimited 2.

"Each car we modeled for TDU2 was a challenge because we only had 30,000 verticals to model the interior and exterior of the entire car," said Eden Games lead car artist Jonathan Marole.

"Thankfully, with Modo, we are able to easily model very detailed cars due to the software's advanced optimisation techniques."

Eden Games' 'Car Team' made exclusive use of Modo software during the development of TDU2. Car artist Clément Dieu outlined some of the reasons for this decision.

"Rotating and moving the views and working with objects was never so simple than with Modo. Rotating the views is very important in car modeling to ensure the right shape of the car and Modo is the only software I've found that does it so elegantly,” he said.

"Modo is so versatile that it's like having my hands directly on the metal or the wood, just like a sculptor. I started using Modo in 2007 when I arrived at Eden Games and it showed me a completely new way of modeling and rendering.”


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