Gearing Up

Epicâ??s stature amongst developers is matched only by its support amongst gamers. With the second of its Gears of War games out next month, we spoke to the studioâ??s design director Cliff Bleszinski to find out more about the development of the sequelâ?¦


Up, Yours

Games Investor Consulting's Rick Gibson, a member of the Games Up steering committee, runs through the reasoning behind the new campaignâ??s call for better support of the UK games industry by the Government and how it can help your games businessâ?¦


Growing Up

At this weekâ??s Paris GDC, a special panel discussion featuring studio CEOs Ian Baverstock (Kuju), Chris Mottes (Deadline Games) and Guillaume de Fondaumiere (Quantic Dream) and chaired by producer Risa Cohen, looked at why studios expand and offered advice and experiences on managing that growth. Edited highlights and insight followâ?¦