Genemation gets mobile

3D character modelling tools heading for mobile phone sector.
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Computer vision technology Genemation has announced that it has re-worked its patented 3D face synthesis technology for use in the mobile phone sector.

Genemation’s face and feature tracking technology enables the real time capture and quick and automatic modification of faces. The company envisages its use in applications such as social networking websites, email or online networks.

The software, dubbed GenMobile, requires only the taking of a photograph. As the software is not designed to be imbedded on a device, with images instead being uploaded onto the GenMobile server, the image processing is very quick, and the process is capable of handling large volumes of traffic at any one time.

Genemation was formed in 2002 and has commercialised patented computer vision technology from The University of Manchester’s Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering division (ISBE). Current software includes GenHead, GenCrowd, Genemation, GenMobile, GenTrack and GenTools.


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