German mobile start-up receives $2m funding

Free-to-play developer raises more than $10 million in total since start of the year
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German mobile games start-up Flaregames has received $2.63 million in funding from Deutsche Telekom's investment arm T-Venture.

The developer, which also recently gained $7.9 million in investment from Accel Partners, will use the money to create free-to-play games for numerous mobile devices.

The studio will now work with Deutsche Telekom to promote and market the games, with the first set of eight mobile titles to release in April.

“We had just closed a round of financing and are actually comfortably financed, but were open to T-Venture’s approach, as we consider it a unique strategic opportunity,” said Flaregames CEO and Gameforge founder Klaas Kersting.

“T-Venture’s position as a catalyst between ourselves and Deutsche Telekom opens up numerous opportunities for successful collaboration and access to the customer base of the leading European carrier.”